• EXO Merch Essentials for EXO-Ls

    EXO Merch Essentials for EXO-Ls

    It is harder to believe someone saying that they’ve never heard of this legendary K-pop group than to believe that the Earth is flat. Since 2012, the South Korean-Chinese group has taken over the world of K-pop with many of their iconic songs, making them one of the most well-known and successful groups in the industry up until now. That K-pop group is no...
  • The Makings of BT21’s Global Success: Brand Merchandise

    The Makings of BT21’s Global Success: Brand Merchandise

    The Korean wave, or popularly known as Hallyu, is continuously conquering the world through KPOP, K-dramas and even K-beauty industries. A lot of businesses and brands wanted Hallyu to take part in their products or services as they have huge reach of audiences from different countries. And the current biggest influencer of Hallyu is BTS. In case you are living under a rock, BTS...
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