Winners from Our DKshop Warehouse Blowout Sale Live Event!

We're excited to announce the winners from our exciting DKshop Warehouse Blowout Sale Live Event! Your incredible support and enthusiasm made this event a huge success. Here are the lucky winners:

✨ First Purchaser: Recognizing the viewer who made the first purchase during the live event.
Winner: beb*******, Time of Purchase: 10:01:01 AM
Prize: 2 FREE Pocamarket Photocards!

✨Top Purchase: Honoring the customer who made the most purchases during the live event.
Winner: bora********
USD 50 Coupon

✨ Lucky Draw Gift: Rewarding the customers who watched the live and ordered on DKshop. Participants wrote the order number in the comments to join.
 - TikTok: DK7808, DK7770, DK7841 (Order Number)
 - Instagram: DK7775, DK7809, DK7838 (Order Number) 
Prize: A random gift on your order. 

Most Engaged Participants: Rewarding the viewers who actively participated, commented, and liked throughout our live event.
Winners: Instagram:, TikTok: Alvia Sreeny
Prize: A random gift from your favorite group.

✨Registration Event (Bonus Reward): Because we are so thankful for your support, we decided to give a bonus reward to those who made an account on DKshop during the live event. 
Winners: ec1***sch***, shi****pan**** 
Prize: USD 10 Coupon

We contacted all winners via email on DKshop! Winners, please make sure to check your email. 

Thank you for joining us in our First DKshop Live Event! Your support means the world to us. Stay connected for more exciting events and rewards on DKshop

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