Must-Have Merch to Stay in-SYNK with Aespa

In November 2021, the arrival of SM Entertainment‘s new girl group, Aespa became the talk of the town, mainly due to their unique concept involving virtual avatars. Aespa (에스파; stylized as æspa or aespa) is a group consisting of KarinaWinterGiselle, and NingNing. However, Aespa can be known as an eight-piece group as each member also has a virtual counterpart that exists in another dimension known as the ‘FLAT‘. These virtual counterparts are æ-Karinaæ-Winteræ-Giselle, and æ-NingNing. They are a reflection of Aespa that knows everything about Aespa, but at the same time, they are somehow different from Aespa in the ‘REAL WORLD‘. The uniqueness of this concept has attracted the interest of many, turning Aespa into one of the biggest K-pop rookies within a short span of time. The music video for their debut song, ‘Black Mamba‘ managed to reach 100 million YouTube views within only 51 days!

Though the group is still new, they have released plenty of interesting collectibles for their beloved MYs. Not sure where to get access to them? This article serves as a little guide to Aespa merch, so you won’t get lost in the ‘KWANGYA‘.


1. 'BLACK MAMBA' Merch Collection

ARTIST CASE - Black Mamba Image Source: SM Town Official StoreHOLOGRAM EPOXY STICKER + PHOTO CARD SET - Black Mamba Image Source: SM Town Official StoreHOLOGRAM FILM SET - Black Mamba Image Source: SM Town Official StoreA4 PHOTO - Black Mamba Image Source: SM Town Official Store

Aespa has not released an album or an official light stick. As of now, their merch is released based on their singles. In conjunction with the release of their debut single, ‘Black Mamba‘, Aespa released a collection of Black Mamba goods in November 2020. It includes pleasing collectibles such as wall scroll posters, a hologram film set, a keyring, lenticular photocard set, the members’ birthstone earrings, A4-sized photos, and 4×6 photos.

For a group that was just debuting at that point, Aespa‘s merch did not disappoint, and many of the items were sold out within a short period of time. however, fret not as some items are still available for purchase! If you’ve been looking for a pretty phone case for your smartphone, Aespa”s Artist Case might be the perfect case. not only is the design beautiful, but you can also customize it by adding a short message which would be printed on the case. Besides that, you can also get yourself Aespa’s Hologram Epoxy Sticker and Photo Card Set which consists of a sheet of hologram epoxy stickers of your preferred member and a photo card of them. This would totally be worth it for those who love to use stickers as decorations and collect photo cards.


2. 'FOREVER' Merch Collection

HOLOGRAM PHOTO CARD SET - Forever Image Source: SM Town Official Storeaespa 'Forever' Tattoo Sticker Set Image Source: SM Global Shopaespa 'Forever' Collection Book + Post Card Set Image Source: SM Global Shopaespa 'Forever' Acrylic Keyring Image Source: SM Global Shop

The next merch collection of Aespa is for the release of their second digital single, ‘Forever‘. It was released earlier this year in March with more aesthetically pleasing items in the collection. The most exciting item, especially for Korean fans, is the Cashbee card which features each member on the front side and ‘Forever aespa‘ at the back of the card. unless you live in Korea, you can’t really make use of this card, but of course, nothing’s stopping you if you plan on getting one simply for the sake of adding it into your Aespa collection. however, international MYs can also get their hands on other items which are equally worth buying. In this collection, Aespa had also released four stunning sets of Hologram Photo Card with Paper Stand, In each set, MYs will get a foldable paper stand and a hologram photo card of their preferred member. Still can’t get enough of them? Fans can also purchase the 4×6 Photo Set and the A4 Photos, which are undeniably pleasing to look at! The 4×6 Photo Set includes four individual shots and a group photo, whereas the A4 Photos are sold separately for each member.

Other than that, photobook collectors might want to grow their collection by purchasing the Forever‘ Collection Book and Post Card Set. You can also get the Forever‘ Acrylic Keyring with your Aespa bias’ name. Be it KarinaWinterNingNing, or Giselle, each of the keychains has a beautiful iridescent finish that makes it worth adding to your collection. However, if you’re looking for something different, their Forever‘ Tattoo Sticker Set might be a fun choice!


3. 'NEXT LEVEL' Merch Collection

aespa 'NEXT LEVEL' Crop Top with Photo Card Image Source: SM Global Shopaespa 'NEXT LEVEL' Puzzle with Photo Card Image Source: SM Global Shopaespa 'NEXT LEVEL' Hair Pin Set with Photo Card Image Source: SM Global Shopaespa 'NEXT LEVEL' PopSockets with Photo Card Image Source: SM Global Shop

In commemoration of their latest single, ‘Next Level‘, Aespa released another collection of merch. This time, Aespa really took it to the ‘Next Level‘ as this collection offers collectibles that are different from their previous ones. The first piece in this collection is a Black Crop Top with ‘Next Level’ and the group’s logo printed on it. Be it as a pajama top, a workout top, or a casual top for daily wear, this simple yet fashionable piece is definitely a must-have to MYs. Other fashionable pieces that can be added to your collection is the Hairpin Set which comes with three different pins. If your phone case is looking a little too plain and boring, why not enhance its appearance by attaching an Aespa Popsocket to it? Lastly, the NEXT LEVEL Puzzle might be the perfect companion for when you feel like killing time by doing something fun and mind challenging.

With every purchase of the ‘NEXT LEVEL‘ merchandise, you will receive a random member photocard. Here’s a tip: Get all four items in the collection and you will get the photocard of all four members as freebies!


As of now, there are still no hints of Aespa‘s official light stick but while waiting for it, you can always look forward to more of their merch collections which will be released from time to time. All of their official merchandise, including the collectibles we have mentioned, can be purchased from SM‘s official stores, namely SM Global Shop and SM Town Official Store.

As you wander through the realm of Aespa and help them figure out how to fight the ‘BLACK MAMBA‘, be sure to keep an eye on another villain, aka the ‘Ridiculously Expensive Shipping Price’, and save yourself from it with the help of Delivered Korea! Delivered Korea can save you from burning your pockets by providing affordable shipping prices and get your items delivered to wherever you are. No worries, we promise we’ll also keep your items safe from the attack of the ‘BLACK MAMBA‘ as they ‘REKALL‘ to your doorstep.

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