NCT Merch You Need to Keep Up with Neo Culture Technology

NCT is a boy group of infinite members under SM Entertainment who are constantly shifting into different sub-units. As of now, there are 23 members. NCT stands for Neo Culture Technology, and their concept is that there is no limit to how many members and sub-units are used to promote. However, they are broken into different units to make songs, go on tours, and hold comebacks as it is challenging to do those with all 23 members. There were 18 members in 2018, but then, three new members were added to their newest unit, WayV. In 2020, two more members were added for their latest project.

Since NCT is considered a large group, there has been a lot of confusion when it comes to their sub-units. Another confusion that often arises is “who is in which group?”. Thus, before we dive into all the exciting NCT merchandise available out there, it is important to understand how their concept works. Seriously, this will make it easier to “stan” and start making your collection for this unique supergroup.

Currently, NCT has four sub-units, namely NCT U, NCT 127, NCT Dream, and WayV. NCT United, also known as NCT U, is a rotational unit, meaning that this group has a rotating line-up where members will rotate in and out of the group depending on the concept. Those who fit the idea for a particular project will participate in the project and promote it. Meanwhile, NCT 127 is just like a normal K-pop group. It is a fixed unit with ten members, namely Taeil, Johnny, Taeyong, Yuta, Doyoung, Jaehyun, Jungwoo, Mark, Haechan, and Winwin.

NCT Dream consists of the youngest members of NCT, and the group used to be made up of only teenagers. Once they have reached the age of 20, they would “graduate” from NCT Dream. However, the concept changed in April 2020. It is now a rotational group, similar to NCT U, but fixed with just the seven original members, Mark, Renjun, Jeno, Haechan, Jaemin, Chenie, and Jisung.

Lastly, WayV is the Chinese unit of NCT, so the members Kun, Ten, Winwin, Lucas, Xiao Jun, Hendery, and Yangyang, sing in Chinese and promote in China despite working and living in Korea. The only reason why WayV‘s sub-unit name is different from the others is that the members had to distance themselves from Korean branding, but since the “hallyu ban” in China has ended, WayV finally joined the NCT brand in 2020.

Undeniably, many contemplated getting invested in this fantastic group due to the size of the group and the various sub-units. However, rest assured that you don’t have to start keeping up with all sub-units right away. Many Nctzens started “stanning” just one sub-unit and eventually became a fan of the whole NCT. Thus, this article divides all the merch based on the sub-units to make it easier for you to explore the latest releases by each sub-unit and decide on which unit’s merch you should start to collect first. Now, let’s Kick It with the latest NCT must-haves!


NCT Merchandise

1. NCT Official Light Stick

Image Source: SM Global Shop

Image Source: SM Global Shop 1

The NCT light stick has a square head that features the NCT logo, and its handle is in white. As the head of the light stick is green-colored, it produces a neon green light when turned on, but it has been said that a red light will show when its batteries are low. Instead of being packaged in a typical rectangular box, this unique light stick also comes in a beautiful black cylindrical box with the group’s logo printed on it in green.

This light stick is used for all NCT sub-units except for WayV, which has its own lightstick of a similar design. Light sticks are considered essential for a fandom since you will need them for various events such as concerts, music shows, fan meetings, and even online concerts! Thus, this light stick should be one of the first NCT merch you should consider purchasing because, trust us, a light stick can make your fan experience a lot more fun.


2. Resonance Merch Collection

To commemorate their NCT 2020 Resonance project, NCT had released a merch collection with lots of gorgeous pieces of Nctzens. This collection includes NCT ‘Resonance’ Sweatshirts which are available in teal and taupe colors. On the front side of the clothing piece, you’ll find the group’s full name printed on the top left and the ‘Resonance‘ logo printed on the backside of the sweatshirt. There are also short-sleeved and long-sleeved T-shirts with similar designs. If you’re interested in getting one of these tops, you can also make a complete set by purchasing the ‘Resonance’ sweatpants that come in the same colors. There are also cool accessories in the collection, such as a bracelet with the Resonance logo as a charm, a black cap, and a face mask which would go well with any outfit. Besides that, there are other collectibles for Nctzens to own, such as a set of metal badges, postcards, posters, and an Air Pods case.

NCT Dream Merchandise

1. Hot Sauce Merch Collection

Image Source: SM Global Shop 8Image Source: SM Global Shop 9Image Source: SM Global Shop 10Image Source: SM Global Shop 11Image Source: SM Global Shop 12

Bright and colorful; the eye-popping pieces from NCT Dream’s ‘Hot Sauce’ merch collection are the things you would regret missing out on! From typical collectibles like photocard and postcard sets to home decorations such as the ‘Hot Sauce‘ rug, the whole collection is full of fun and cuteness!

The hoodie and shorts set from this collection would make a cute pajama set to wear as you jam to NCT Dream in your room. You can also pair the set with the adorable ‘Hot Sauce‘ crew socks, which come with four different designs for you to rock. Another fashion piece included in the collection is a beanie that comes with patches for you to attach to the beanie.

Apart from that, a lovely way to display a picture of your NCT Dream bias would be to put it inside the heart-shaped magnet frame from the ‘Hot Sauce’ magnet stand set, which provides a magnet frame, a sheet of stickers, a photocard, and photo cardholder. This piece would make your shelf, work desk, bedside table, or any other corner of your room more aesthetically pleasing due to its attractive design. Moreover, there are acrylic keyrings of three different designs, which could also be used as little decorations for your pouches, backpacks, binders, or even your wireless earphones cases.


2. NCT Dream x Pinkfong Collaboration Merch

When it comes to K-pop, you are never too old for anything! In May 2021, Pinkfong has collaborated with NCT Dream for the second time to create the animated version of ‘Hot Sauce‘ following the group’s cover of a cute song called ‘Dinosaurs A to Z‘. The animated version of ‘Hot Sauce‘ features adorable, animated versions of the members, and to commemorate the release, special merchandise based on the characters was released in June 2021.

The merch includes a playbook set, a note set, acrylic keyring, a removable luggage sticker, and some puffy stickers. The playbook sets can be purchased based on individual members, and each set contains a 52-page playbook for children, a standee of the member’s animated character, and an adorable photo card of them. The note set contains a 40-page lined notebook and a 40-page unlined notebook.


NCT 127 Merchandise

1. 'OFFICE: Foundation Day' Fan Meeting Merch

On 7 July 2021, NCT 127 held an online fan meeting event in celebration of their 5th anniversary. Besides the event, a special merchandise collection was also released in conjunction with the anniversary, which includes 10 interesting items for Nctzens to own. Although the fan meeting has passed, rest assured that some of the items are still up for grabs on SM Global Shop.

Among the items is a film and photo set, which includes a film photo and an ID picture of your preferred member. The second item which you can get from the collection is a postcard book with photos of each NCT 127 member in the form of postcards. Since the fan meeting is based on an “office look” concept, most of the photo collectibles in the collection feature the members’ dashing looks in work attires which, undoubtedly, are much appreciated by many Nctzens.

A handy item, especially during this sweltering summer reason, is the set of a clear fan with deco stickers which you can use to decorate the fan. Another cool thing to add to your photo card binder is the AR photocard from the Special AR Ticket Set. The AR photocard is not like any other photo card because this photocard will give you a video content of the member you choose by scanning the photocard through an app. On the other hand, those who prefer wearable merch can opt for a cotton T-Shirt included in the collection.

If you are a fan of dainty accessories, the memory charm would be a beautiful addition to your possessions. Apart from being beautifully designed with crystals, what makes the charm special is that you will receive a message from your favorite NCT 127 members written inside the crystal. Moreover, it comes with a necklace, so you can either turn the charm into a necklace pendant or a keyring. However, if accessories are not your cup of tea, the memory frame fragrance can be a great alternative. Not only you’ll get a special message from your bias, but it’ll also leave your room fragrant!


WayV Merchandise

1. WayV Official Light Stick

As mentioned before, WayV has its own light stick with a very similar design to NCT‘s light stick. Basically, everything is the same except for some changes here and there. The obvious difference in both of them is that WayV‘s light stick has a neon green V-shaped head and ‘WayV‘ written on the neck. Just like its Korean counterpart, the light stick also comes with a green silicone strap, a dust bag and is packaged in a cylindrical box with the group’s name printed on it. This light stick is also customizable, as you can decorate it with exclusive accessories by removing the silicone cap on the back of the button.


2. Kick Back Merch Collection

Just like the other sub-units, WayV often releases collectibles in conjunction with their album releases, concerts, and fan meetings. Recently, a merch collection was released in conjunction with the release of their third mini-album, ‘Kick Back‘. The items in the collection are basically everything an avid collection of WayV collectibles would love as it includes pieces such as a photo holder for you to store your favorite member’s photocard, a film photo set of the members, and an AR photocard with a photo frameset. There is also a hologram photo set of each member for fans to purchase. Each set provides a beautiful hologram photocard of the member with a mini cut-out of them.

Need to spice up some of your home spaces? you can also decorate your refrigerator, locker, or magnetic board with photo magnets of them which are sold separately per member. Apart from these cool collectibles, fans can also get an acrylic keyring of their WayV bias, a set of A4 photos of the members, and a phone case, all of which would be worth the money due to the quality and appearances of the items. 


Nctzens are undeniably spoiled with hundreds of merchandise from NCT, and these items can simply be purchased from the official SM Global Shop website and SM Town Official Store. However, it should be noted that their merch can also be found from other online stores such as Soundwave, Aladin, and Ktown4u. Besides these latest releases of theirs that we’ve mentioned, you may also find interest in fan-made NCT goods such as goods from “cup sleeve events” that are commonly held in Korea to celebrate the members’ birthdays, or you may even want to find items from their older collections.

There is no harm in exploring various sites to find your NCT treasures but what can be harmful, especially to your pockets, is the unnecessarily expensive shipping prices provided by some stores. With the aim to make your K-pop shopping experience easier and more convenient, Delivered Korea is always ready to provide you with cheap shipping services and deliver your items safely right to wherever you are.

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