10 Must-Have BLACKPINK Merch for BLINKs

Before 2016, black and pink used to be just two different colors. These days, when someone mentions “black” and “pink”, the first thing that comes to our minds is the four-member South Korean girl group, BLACKPINK. BLACKPINK is formed by YG Entertainment, consisting of members Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa, who debuted in 2016. Ever since their debut, BLACKPINK has gained a lot of fans who identify themselves as BLINKs and has now become one of the most popular girl groups in the world.

As of 2021, BLACKPINK has become so well-known that you can find their merchandise (or merch) almost everywhere. There are BLACKPINK mugs, blankets, and even massage sticks! There is official merch which is released by the group themselves and fan-made merch which are BLACKPINK-themed items made by BLINKs themselves. Whether you are new to the fandom, a certified BLINK with years of experience, or you’re thinking of getting a BLACKPINK merch for someone who is a BLINK, it can get pretty overwhelming to decide on what kind of merch that you should buy. Therefore, we’ve provided a list of must-haves BLACKPINK merch that can make every BLINK’s fan experience much better.


1. BLACKPINK Official Lightstick (BI-Ping-Pong)

BLACKPINK Official Lightstick (BI-Ping-Pong) 1BLACKPINK Official Lightstick (BI-Ping-Pong) 2

In the world of K-pop, all K-pop idols have their own official lightstick. A lightstick, like a name itself, is a portable lamp for fans to light up during concerts or events to show their support for their favorite idols. BLACKPINK has its official lightstick, also known as BI-Ping-Pong, which has been specially designed by the group members to represent the group and their fandom. BI-Ping-Pong is shaped like a hammer with striped pink hearts on both sides to resemble the girly-yet-powerful concept which the group has been portraying in their music and music videos.

This is an absolute must-have for BLINKs because owning a lightstick makes concerts way more fun regardless of whether they are held online or offline. Moreover, it’s like an identity card for BLINKs as it shows that you are a fan of the group. All BLINKs (and even other K-pop fandoms) recognize this lightstick as BLACKPINK’s lightstick so it creates a sense of belonging for BLINKs.




Other must-have cheering items which you can get to show support for BLACKPINK are hand fans and slogans. These usually come in fankits which can be purchased during their concerts or at any of their events. You can also find fankits that are fan-made and sold online by BLINKs. Apart from the two mentioned, fankits also consist of other collectibles such as posters, photocards, and postcards.


3. Clothing

blackpink clothing hoodieblackpink official merch clothing

How else can you rock your adorable BI-ping-pong as an accessory other than wearing a matching outfit? Of course, one of the easiest, fashionable, and obvious ways to show your love for BLACKPINK is to rock their hoodies, sweatshirts, or tees! You can get any sort of apparel such as a casual tee, a comfortable hoodie, or even a pajama set (for when you want to hold a mini BLACKPINK concert in your bedroom) to wear your love for the girl group. Moreover, you don’t have to save them only for when you attend their concerts or events. These items can be made as casual or super-trendy pieces of clothing which you can wear anytime, anywhere! Yes, even when you’re attending your online class in bed. There is no denying that BLACKPINK is also known for being fashion-forward with its stylish and confident fashion sense. Therefore, BLINKs who admire the members can follow in their footsteps when it comes to fashion as well!


4. Accessories

blackpink official merch accessories 1blackpink official merch accessories 2

Adding some BLACKPINK accessories into your collection is also another way to add spice to your BLACKPINK-inspired looks. These accessories can be worn daily and while there are numerous official BLACKPINK accessories that you can get from their official website, you can also get yourself a customized bracelet, necklace, or ring to make it even more personalized and special. Some BLINKs have gone to the extent of making BLACKPINK-inspired accessories on their own while some get them customized from jewelry stores with their names as well as their bias’ engraved on them.

Moreover, since we are currently living in an era where it is essential to put on face masks, isn’t this the perfect reason for you to get a BLACKPINK face mask? BLINKs who are hat or cap lovers can add a BLACKPINK bucket hat or baseball cap into their collection. Meanwhile, those who prefer their hair tied up might want to get a hold of BLACKPINK’s adorable scrunchies.


5. Albums

blackpink official merch albums 1blackpink official merch albums 2

Although it is not necessary for you to own your favorite artists’ physical albums (not when music streaming platforms exist nowadays), owning at least one of your favorite idols’ albums is a culture of K-pop fans, including BLINKs. BLACKPINK released their first full-length album, titled ‘The Album‘, in October 2020 and it broke the internet as BLINKs had been waiting for a full-length album ever since their debut in 2016. What makes it a must-have for BLINKs is that the long-awaited album comes with a hardcover containing a physical CD, 96-page photobook, postcards, photo cards, and stickers, making it the ultimate collectible. What else? The album has four versions, meaning that every version has different unique sets of the inclusions mentioned!


6. Photocards

blackpink photocards 1blackpink photocards 2

If there is something that would drive every K-pop fan insane other than the idols themselves, it would be their photocards. Photocards are the merch that will most likely get sold out the fastest during every merch sale. BLINKs are also passionate collectors of the girl group’s photocards and collecting photocards is a common hobby in the fandom. If you’ve spent your childhood collecting Pokémon cards, collecting BLACKPINK photocards works the same way and it might be your next favorite pastime. Some photocards are so valuable that they could cost up to hundreds of dollars! However, you only have to worry about that if you’re seeking a very rare photocard. Otherwise, BLACKPINK’s photocards are usually sold at reasonable prices.


7. Photobooksblackpink photobooks 1blackpink photobooks 2

BLACKPINK members also have their photobooks which BLINKs can own. There are group photobooks and solo photobooks such as Jennis and Rosé photobooks from their solo projects. Other than that, there is also a photography photobook released by Lisa. Unlike other photobooks which you’d get in an album, Lisa’s photobook is a book of memorable moments captured by her using her film camera. All of these photobooks come in sets with inclusions such as stickers, photocards and polaroid photos which make them even more treasured by many collectors.



blackpink dolls 1blackpink dolls 2

We must say that these dolls are too cute to not be included in the list. Think you’ve seen them before? Well, the figurines can be spotted in BLACKPINK’s ‘Ice Cream‘ music video featuring Selena Gomez! Displaying these figurines is one unique way to showcase your love for BLACKPINK. Plus, these figurines can add more life to that album shelf or work desk of yours with their presence. If you prefer the huggable ones, there are also BLACKPINK plush dolls because no BLINK is ever too old for dolls (cues in ‘Forever Young‘)! If you like collecting dolls and figurines as well, they are perfect to be made as part of your collection.


9. Home Decorations

blackpink home decorations 1blackpink home decorations 2

If you’re not the type to collect all the collectibles we’ve mentioned, you might prefer some useful yet trendy home decorations with a hint of BLACKPINK. For instance, why get your daily morning coffee in a plain mug when you could start your day Pretty Savage-ly with some great coffee (or tea) in a cute BLACKPINK mug? There are plenty of other BLACKPINK-inspired home decorations which you can find online such as scented candles and cushions. One of our favorite is the BLACKPINK Christmas ornament which we think would add more joy and sass to your Christmas.


10. Tech Accessories

blackpink tech accessories 1blackpink tech accessories 2

As we live in an era where everything involves the use of gadgets, BLACKPINK has released several tech accessories which you can use for your gadgets. If you own a pair of Airpods or Galaxy Buds, you might want to add some personality to it with a BLACKPINK case and if you’re afraid that your cables might get tangled and easily damaged, BLACKPINK’s cable protector – shaped like a mini version of the BI-Ping-Pong – can be your savior. There are also some stylish grip holders and laptop pouches to let you rep your favorite girl group while protecting your gadgets!

Of course, there is way more BLACKPINK merch that you can find out there. However, these are some merch that can be considered as must-haves for BLINKs. The official merch can be purchased online at the official YG Select website, online stores such as Ktown4uYes24, and Soundwave. On the other hand, fan-made merch can be purchased through sellers on social media such as Twitter and Instagram or online stores such as Etsy. When buying items from overseas, opting for direct shipping can be expensive and cause a hassle if the store does not provide shipping to where you live. However, with the help of Delivered Korea, you can shop at any Korean online store at ease and we will deliver them to your doorstep at reasonable prices!

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