8 Stores that Prove South Korea is a Paradise for Stationery Lovers

South Korea is one of the countries that is attentive to its studies. It can be grueling, so they found a way to make studying their safe space. And that is creating charming and creatively useful stationeries. Watching Korean dramas, you may have noticed student roles having cute and pretty notes and journals that inspired you to have one yourself.

In 2019, Statista Research Department reported that 66.2% of tourists chose South Korea as a travel destination for shopping. It just proves that they sell the best products like stationeries for tourists. The good news is, despite the pandemic situation, South Korea offers several online stationery stores where you can search for stationery items and more depending on your preferences. Here are some recommendations:



10X10 Mobile Site Screenshot

The first one that you can check out is 10×10 or Ten by Ten. They have an online store and offer a wide selection of products in this link. Stationery items available in the store are stickers, washi tapes, pens, photo albums, calendars from brands like KAKAO Friends, PEANUTS, Disney, and Kumhong Fancy. Aside from stationeries, they also sell jewelry, perfumes, and home essentials like lamps, decors, and mugs from different brands.

10X10 Planners and Journals

But the product that this store is famous for is their journals and planners. So many kinds and designs to choose from: daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, and even undated planners. You will probably spend a long time choosing the best one that suits your needs.



ICONIC Website Screenshot

ICONIC values ‘design’ that represents its customers’ daily lives. With its pretty and minimalistic styles, there is surely one that will suit the users’ so-called ‘icon’. According to their website, they also aim to share through their designs, in terms of sensibility, experience, and values. True enough, most of their bestseller products want the customers to collect or preserve their “memories”. Like their photo and stick albums that bear titles like “Memories” or “Pieces of Moment”. Aside from stationeries, ICONIC also offers decorations, fashion, and travel accessories like bags, wallets, and key holders.

ICONIC 'Piece of Moment' Stick Albums



130K Website Screenshot

1300K is a shopping store that does not only sell stationeries, but also clothing, beauty products, home essentials, and even foods. They have a slogan that says, “Free Your Style”. A review from Creatip blog emphasizes that 1300K makes you think that you are continuously shifted into another country as they have Korean, Japanese, and American styles and designs in their products.

GunMangZeung Stickers at 1300K Online Store

Especially, if you are there for the stationery. You can expect brands like GunMangZeungByNacoo, and Funny:D offering desk calendars, art materials, school, and office supplies that cater to different types of customers. You can focus more on their stickers as they have a wide variety of characters and patterns to choose from.



Monopoly Website Screenshot

Monopoly is another design stationery store with offline stores in Korea. They are famous to Hallyu fans as they feature BT21 products, or characters by the KPOP boy band, BTS. But because of the pandemic, their online store is busier than it was before. Minimalistic school and office supplies are some of their bestsellers, especially their TO DO LIST and money tracker notebooks.

Monopoly TO DO LIST Notebook


Be on :D

Be on :D Website Screenshot

According to their website, Be on :D has a goal of being a follower of your dreams. This is why they have an amazing collection of journals and organizers where you can write down your future plans, life updates, and of course, your dreams. With the pretty and cute designs, you will surely fall in love with them. A good pick among the collection would be the one with the celestial designs called ‘Starry Daily’. You can check out more of their exquisite creations through their calendars, stickers, pouches, travel accessories, and scrapbook supplies.

Be on :D Starry Daily Notebooks



Istyle or Eyestyle Website Screenshot

Istyle or eyestyle stationery store takes pride in their products as they have spent years of endless research to create products that focus even on the smallest details. Most of their products are notebooks or notes, with design stationery to complement them like bookbinders, decors, stickers, organizers, and postcards. They also have their signature ‘changeable’ or customizable notebooks. With this, they want to show that the quality of the brand relies on its product idea that is unique to every customer like their names are engraved on it.

Istyle Changeable Notebook


Monthly Moongu

Monthly Moongu Website Screenshot

Monthly Moongu stationery store can be found on Naver’s smartstore where small business owners can have their own seller space to market their products. Mostly, products are uniquely designed and created by the store owners themselves. With Monthly Moongu, the product niche is stickers. There are ticker seal, deco seal, character, and even KPOP-designed stickers. They have a huge variety of stickers that you can put on your notes or phone cases to choose from, and at affordable prices.

Monthly Moongu KPOP-designed Stickers



Fallindesign Website Screenshot

FallinDesign represents a long list of stationery brands and designers, which can be found in their ‘brands’ section. There are familiar names like ICONIC, Monopoly, Istyle, Jstyle, and even big brands like BT21 and Kakao Friends. Altogether, they provide school and office supplies, scrapbook and craft materials, travel and digital accessories, home decors, and of course, cute stationery items. Trending right now is their Pastel Korean Alphabet Stickers. Check them out on their website!

Pastel Korean Alphabet Stickers

Surely, more stores can be added to this list. But seeing all these unique and lovely stationery products, you would want to have them right away! Good thing, they all have online stores where you can shop even if you are on the other side of the world. With the help of DELIVERED KOREA, you can get your hands on these items through its worldwide shipping, consolidating, and personal shopping services. Do not miss having these beautiful stationeries that will increase your productivity in studying and working.

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