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In 2014 under JYP Entertainment, GOT7 is a global boy band with members from South Korea, Hong Kong, Thailand, and the United States. The members of the group are Mark, Jay B, Jackson, Jinyoung, Youngjae, BamBam, and Yugyeom. In January 2021, the K-pop community was greeted with the news of GOT7’s departure from JYP Entertainment. Many K-pop fans were worried and questioned whether that would be the end of GOT7, but the members have affirmed they will not disband despite their solo activities under several agencies such as Yugyeom under AOMG and Jackson Wang under his own label, Team Wang.

If you are here, it is most likely that you have recently become a part of the IGOT7 or “Ahgase” fandom and are wondering whether you could still get your hands on some GOT7 merch. The answer is yes. There is no need to worry because, just like GOT7 themselves, some essential merchandises are here to stay. In this article, we’ve got a list of “GOT7 essentials” and current GOT7 goods which you can get your hands on.

1. GOT7 Official Light Stick

GOT7 Official Light StickGOT7 Official Light Stick 2

GOT7 announced its very first light stick two years after its debut in 2016. It has a white handle with a transparent bird-shaped head and a green light bulb inside it. The light stick can be used for up to six hours and in three modes: on, blink, and flicker. Subsequently, the second version of the light stick was introduced in 2018. Appearance-wise, the second version looks almost the same as the first light stick with very slight differences between them. For instance, the light bulb in the bird-shaped head is transparent in the latest version, and the GOT7 logo on the handle is bigger than on the first version. This light stick is basically an upgraded version of its predecessor in which more features are included. It can now be wirelessly controlled and work in Bluetooth mode via the GOT7 application.

For those who have yet to own a GOT7 light stick, which is also known by the fandom name, there is no other perfect time to get yourself one that right now. Now that GOT7 members are currently busy with their solo schedules, it is not known whether there will be a new light stick once the current version is all sold out. Plus, the unique design of the light stick would make a cool room decoration, so there’s no harm in getting one!


2. GOT7 Concert Blu-Ray Sets

[Blu-Ray] GOT7 1st Concert "Fly In Seoul" Final (2disc)

[DVD] [Blu-Ray] GOT7 2018 World Tour 'EYES ON YOU' (3disc)

Want something that you can watch repeatedly, even without an internet connection? Then, adding GOT7’s Blu-Ray content into your collection might be the right move. You can simply play them whenever you feel like binge-watching GOT7 content. The group has released several concert movies throughout the years. On days where you feel like having a private GOT7 concert at home, the ‘GOT7 1st Concert “Fly in Seoul” Final‘ would be an excellent choice. Moreover, the Blu-Ray set comes with interesting inclusions for you to add to your GOT7 collection, such as a 20-page photo booklet, 7 mini posters, and a lenticular card. Another amazing concert content of theirs would be the ‘GOT7 2018 WORLD TOUR: EYES ON YOU‘, which also provides a 24-page photobook, a photocard set of all members, and a lenticular photocard in the Blu-Ray set.


3. GOTOON Merch

GOT7 - GOTOON Face Card Case/Fly In Seoul Final Image source: Withdrama

GOT7 GOTOON Magnet Mini Doll Jinyoung Image source: Mercari

GOT7 Never Ever Yugyeom Image source: Mercari

GOTOON is a webcomic that was published on JYP Entertainment’s website with episodes showing the daily life of GOT7. There are seven characters that are based on the members’ looks and personalities. Since its launch in 2014, the group also released official merch involving the characters from time to time. There are various collectibles of the characters which you can get, including keyrings, stationeries, accessories, badges, blankets, and many more. Since GOTOON collectibles were often high on demand, they got sold out quickly, and you might have to purchase some items from resellers. If you are lucky, you may be able to get your hands on the GOTOON dolls. Besides the fact that the characters resemble the members, the dolls are popular among fans as they can change the dolls’ outfits to match with GOT7 members by purchasing official GOTOON accessories and clothing that are specially made for the dolls. 


4. Magazines

TMRW.KOREA MAGAZINE ISSUE - JAY B (Limited Edition) Image source: SubKShop

Image source: SubKShop

GOT7 are often featured in various magazines, be it individually or as a group. For instance, BamBam was recently featured in GQ Korea’s August Issue, Jay B is going to be on the cover of Tmrw.Korea’s first issue and Jackson was on the cover of ELLE Singapore. Therefore, fans can look forward to more GOT7 interviews and pictorials for magazines which usually can be purchased through online stores such as AladinSubKShop, and Cokodive. On the other hand, those who plan on collecting their older magazine covers can easily find them on Mercari.


5. GOT7 Albums

GOT7 - Breah of Love: Last Piece / 4th ALBUM Image source: Withdrama

Albums are the easiest to keep up with and collect, especially when you’ve missed out on a few years of merch releases. This is because while merch collections are only available for a certain period, albums are always available to be purchased. Not to mention that every album comes with exciting inclusions such as photobooks, photo cards, posters, and postcards which make GOT7’s albums the ultimate collectible for fans. Their fourth album, ‘Breath of Love: Last Piece‘ comes with a 72-page photobook, 2 random photocards, a random mini folding poster, and a random photo film. It is also worth noting that this album has seven versions! You can find GOT7’s very first mini-album to their latest album, ‘Breath of Love: Last Piece‘, at online music stores such as Withdrama and Ktown4U.


6. YUGYEOM's Dandelion Jewelery

Image source: YUGYEOM Dandelion

Image source: YUGYEOM Dandelion 1

New and old fans of GOT7 should look forward to future merch released by the members as soloists. Recently, Yugyeom unveiled his first jewelry line, ‘Dandelion‘, after releasing his debut mini-album, ‘Point of View: U‘. The collection consists of complete jewelry set with a necklace, a bracelet, and a ring which can be purchased separately from AOMG’s official store, A6OVE. Each of the jewelry has a unique design with a dandelion engraved on them, and they are suitable for all regardless of age and gender.

Since the boy band has not actually disbanded, it is possible that there might be more GOT7 merchandise in the future. It might happen sooner or later but what’s guaranteed is that there are lots of solo albums, goods, and content from all the members for us to look forward to! And whichever store you choose to get your K-pop merch from, always remember that Delivered Korea can help you save tons on shipping fees with our delivery services!

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