ITZY Must-Haves for MIDZYs

ITZY is a K-pop girl group, consisting of 5 members who debuted in February 2019 under JYP Entertainment. Just nine days after their debut, ITZY won their first music show win for their debut track ‘Dalla Dalla‘, becoming the fastest girl group in the history of the K-pop industry to do so. Ever since then, ITZY is constantly rising in fame as we speak but the group is still considered new. Therefore, there are only a few merchandises that have been released by the group but this can be a good news to all MIDZYs including newbies as there isn’t much that they have missed out on! There is still a chance to keep up with the current and upcoming releases from these rookie It Girls. In this article, we have provided a list of all the current must-haves for those who are planning to own some ITZY merch.


1. ITZY Official Light Ring

itzy official light ring

ITZY‘s ‘light stick‘ is one of a kind. Instead of going for the typical or traditional concept of a light stick which usually consists of a dome and a handle, ITZY has ventured far from such concept and came up with a light ring. Due to this, the girl group received many praises from fans, saying that they have taken a new level of the “light stick culture”. The light ring does not have a specific name given to it (maybe not yet!) but some MIDZYs have said that it is shaped like a tambourine as it is meant to be held like one while there are some who call it a “doughnut” due to its appearance. It has an all-white design with a transparent part covered with glitter where the light is produced. The light ring also has a distinctive part that acts as the handle but the good thing about this light ring is that you can always wear it around your wrist if you ever get tired of holding it! In addition to that, the ITZY light ring can be used as a mood light and it comes with a cradle that you can attach to the wall. So, if you were not planning on getting a fan light for “cheering” purposes, ITZY‘s light ring can still be a great addition to your interior décor.

Ever since its release in July 2020, the light ring has been constantly selling out in various stores but there is no need to worry as it always gets restocked from time to time and you just have to keep yourself up-to-date on that! You can get your hands on this beautiful light ring from online stores such as Cokodive, Soundwave, Aladin, or Yes24


2. [CSI] Codename: Secret ITZY Merch

csi codename secret itzy merch 1csi codename secret itzy merch 2

On June 11 2021, ITZY announced the release of their latest merch collection, ‘[CSI] CODENAME: SECRET ITZY‘ based on their online reality show of the same title. The merch can be purchased both offline and online. The merch collection consists of 16 items that fans can purchase on a pre-order basis.

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love it when their favorite idols drop stuff that they can actually wear? Plus, they are often trendy additions to the wardrobe. The ‘[CSI]: CODENAME: SECRET ITZY‘ merch collection includes T-shirts which come in two designs for MIDZYs to choose from and a ball cap which includes free photo cards with every purchase. There are also other collectibles such as trading cards, postcard books, invitation cards, and agent ID cards with lanyard sets. For new and experienced collectors, these might be the collectibles that you would never regret getting your hands on while those who wish to add some ITZY vibes during their leisure time might want to opt for the playing card or the cube puzzle (or both!). Lovers of ITZY content can also purchase the ‘Behind DVD Photobook Package‘ which includes an envelope, a 100-page photobook, a DVD, a photo set, and a sticker sheet.

This merch will be released on July 12 2021 and can be purchased online from the official site, Withdrama and other authorized K-pop merch sites such as Cokodive and SubKShop. Our tip is to go and get yours while you still can!


3. Albums

itzy albums 1itzy albums 2

Still considering whether or not to get yourself a physical album of theirs? Well, ITZY is not only known for their fiery music and looks but also their beautiful albums. Plus, it’z always exciting to unbox ITZY‘s albums as MIDZYs are often surprised with wholesome inclusions (this has also been tested and proven by the writer). Their latest albums, ‘Guess Who‘, comes in three different versions, namely ‘DAY‘, ‘NIGHT‘, and ‘DAY&NIGHT‘. Each of them includes a 72-page photobook, a random CD-R out of 5 versions, 2 random photocards out of 20, a random mini folded poster out 5 versions, a sticker, and a lyrics paper which is printed to look like a newspaper to suit their mafia/secret agent album concept. As of now, ITZY has four physical releases since their debut and except for their mini-album, ‘It’z ICY‘ which only has two versions, all of the other releases consist of three versions for fans to choose from.


4. Fan-made Items

itzy fan made keychainitzy fanmade art

In addition to official items, many MIDZYs have resorted to making their own ITZY merch due to the lack of official merch from the girl group at the moment and some have even created businesses by making those fan-made items. Some of the common fan-made items are posters, keychains, face masks, stickers, photo cards, phone cases, T-shirts, as well as hoodies. Other than that, MIDZYs also appreciate fan arts by other MIDZYs who have talent in art and often create beautiful masterpieces of the members of the group. Etsy is a haven for these sort of fan-made items and almost every kind of fan-made stuff you can possibly think of can be found there. However, if you are looking for items made by K-MIDZYs, most of them often prefer to sell their works on Twitter by taking orders through Google or Naver forms. It is true that Twitter is not only a social media platform but has become a shopping space for K-pop stans, including MIDZYs. However, always make sure that you’re buying from a trusted seller!

Apart from the stores mentioned above, ITZY‘s items can also be purchased from Synnara as well as Interpark and each of these stores may have special store offers when you purchase your ‘ITZY necessities‘. In case you need help with your shopping experience on Korean sites, always remember that Delivered Korea is always ready to help! Need a Korean address? Come to us! Need help in making purchases? We’re always ready to assist you!

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