SEVENTEEN Merchandise Every Carat Will Love

SEVENTEEN (세븐틴) is a 13-member boy group consisting of S.CoupsJeonghanJoshuaJunHoshiWonwooWooziDKMingyuThe8SeungkwanVernon, and Dino who debuted on May 26, 2015 under Pledis Entertainment. The group has been known as a self-producing idol group as they have been actively involved in the making of their music and choreography. As of now, all of the members have writing credits. Besides the charms every member possesses, a lot of people have taken interest in them due to the rarity of K-pop acts being heavily involved in the creation of every album. Fans of SEVENTEEN are called Carats, and just like any other fans of K-pop acts, they have been spoiled with several merch releases. So, if you are planning to start collecting SEVENTEEN‘s merchandise, there are a number of official items you can purchase. In this article, we aim to guide you in deciding on which type of SEVENTEEN merchandise you should get to begin your SEVENTEEN collections.


1. SEVENTEEN Membership Kit

Now that you are a Carat, why not take a step further to officialize it by getting their official membership kit? The membership kit contains all of the essentials for every Carat, namely a Carat membership card (with your name on it!), a 174-page photobook, a luggage tag, a set of all the members’ ID photos, a photocard set of all members, and 15 sheets of stickers. It is to be noted that the SEVENTEEN Membership Kit is an exclusive item only available for membership holders, and you will have to pay for the membership separately. However, we can guarantee that it would be worth the money as you will get tons of perks such as discounts for merch, exclusive items and get special prioritization or access to future SEVENTEEN events!


2. SEVENTEEN Official Light Stick (Carat Bong) + Accessories

After almost two years of being light stick-less, the Carat fandom finally got their first version of SEVENTEEN‘s official light stick in February 2017, known as the ‘Carat Bong‘. It has a white finish with a pink gem inside a transparent dome. The first version of the light stick allows users to use it in several modes through the Seventeen App. The light stick could also produce various color effects.

Later in the same year, Pledis Entertainment released the second version of ‘Carat Bong‘ with an additional feature where you can customize the light stick with a special Mini Carat Keyring Set. Besides a beautiful keyring, the set comes with three gems in three different colors, which you can use to replace the default pink gem in the light stick dome. Besides that, the light stick can also be decorated with a silicon band that features the name of your favorite SEVENTEEN members.


3. SEVENTEEN Official Bags


Are you the type of person to bring along tons of things with you? Then, SEVENTEEN‘s official tour merch bags can be your lifesavers! The first bag in the collection is the Reversible Tote Bag which is made out of light-washed denim, and like the name itself, it is reversible. One side shows a nice light blue denim look, whereas the inside has ‘SEVENTEEN‘ printed all over it. It also comes with a detachable SEVENTEEN‘s ‘SVT‘ logo acrylic keyring on the strap and a photocard set of the units in SEVENTEEN.

If you prefer a slightly smaller bag, you can purchase the Pouch Bag, which allows you to knot the rope strings in different ways so you can either turn it into a cross-body bag or a shoulder bag. This product also comes with a detachable acrylic keyring of the CARAT LAND poster icon. Lastly, the smallest bag in the collection is the Sacoche Bag that can be used either as a cross-body bag or a shoulder bag. This item comes with a set of Velcro artwork patches which you can attach at the front, making it somewhat customizable according to your taste or mood. These bags may be released as fan collectibles, but there is no denying that they are also cute and fashionable.


4. SEVENTEEN for Photo Collectors


Whether you plan on collecting their photos in any form, such as photocards, postcards, or normal printed photos, SEVENTEEN has released plenty of those for you to add to your collection. Their latest tour merch collection also includes a Trading Card Set, Trading Card Binder, Postcard Set, and Premium Photo of each member.

Each Trading Card Set contains seven cards, one being a special card. If you think seven identical cards are all that everyone is getting, you’re wrong! There are a total of 102 cards altogether, with 28 of them being special cards for the Trading Card Set! This means that which cards you’ll get will depend on your luck! No worries, they are called trading cards after all, so you can always trade the ones you want with the other Carats who would want the cards that you get! You can also get the 6-hole Trading Card Binder to store all your precious SEVENTEEN photo cards, which comes with a group photo of SEVENTEEN members, whereas the Postcard Set contains all of the members’ individual photos, which we’re certain that every Carat would love.


5. '2021 SEVENTEEN Online Concert [IN-COMPLETE]' DVD/Blu-Ray Set


Nothing’s more perfect than spending your free time watching your favorite idols’ content. If you are looking for exciting SEVENTEEN content that you can watch again and again, then their online concert DVD and Blu-Ray sets are something you might appreciate. Whether you simply want to re-experience the online concert or want to catch up on all the fun you have missed out on, this is the perfect chance for you to do so!

The DVD set and Blu-Ray set both come with different sets of inclusions. In the DVD set, you will get a 200-page photobook, a digipack, 3 discs, 3 random photocards, a 24-page photobook, 4-unit polaroid, a mini-poster, and a photo ticket. On the other hand, the Blu-Ray set comes with a different photobook, a digipack, 3 discs, 3 random photocards, a mini-poster, an accordion postcard, and a photo ticket.

SEVENTEEN joined Weverse back in March 2020, and ever since then, all of their merch, including the ones we have mentioned, can be shopped from the Weverse Shop application, which you can download on your smartphones. Apart from these items, you can check out tons of their other latest releases on the app. However, their older merch can still be purchased from stores such as SoundwaveAladin, and Withdrama. These stores offer direct shipping to your address, but the shipping fees can be double or triple the price of the items you’re buying! However, there’s nothing to worry about as Delivered Korea can deliver your precious SEVENTEEN merch right to your place at a much reasonable price.

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