The Most Well-Known Korean-Beauty Brands for Your Ultimate Glass Skin in 2021

Have you ever dreamed of having glass-like skin like all those Korean celebrities you have seen on-screen? Have you ever wondered how do all the K-pop idols look so ethereal even when they are barefaced? Besides spending thousands on beauty treatments, you might be thinking that they go through a lengthy, 10-step daily skincare regimen that could take up an hour in the morning and an hour at night for their flawless complexions. Though that may be practiced by some, that is not usually the norm in the world of K-beauty! Believe it or not, some Korean celebrities do as little as a three-step skincare routine and use less than five beauty products to attain their heavenly looks. This is because what is important is the ingredients used in the beauty products.

So, what exactly could they have possibly implemented into their skincare regime? Unfortunately, most Korean celebrities do not disclose the brands and products that they use due to endorsement deals but lucky for you, we know a thing or two about Korean Beauty and are ready to help you achieve your ultimate skin goals so keep on reading and you’ll find out that achieving such ethereal complexion is much cheaper and easier than you think (with the help of some magical products)!

For those who are only starting to dive into the K-Beauty trend, glass skin is the dewy, smooth and flawless complexion that all Korean celebrities have. Not only it is an ongoing trend among K-pop fans to look as heavenly as their favorite K-pop idols, but glass skin is also dreamed of by many people of all ages as it gives off a healthy, radiant look and makes a person look younger. Due to that, Korean skincare has been taking over the world recently. Be it as simple as applying sheet masks and lip balms or getting monthly appointments for beauty treatments, more and more people all over the world are starting to implement Korean beauty products and technologies into their self-care practices.

To give you a head-start on your quest for your skin’s perfect companion, let us guide you through some of the best Korean Beauty brands with products that can help you achieve that flawless, porcelain skin of your dreams!



Innisfree Korea Website

The first on the list is Innisfree. Innisfree is Korea’s first brand with products made with natural ingredients harvested from its organic farm on the serene island of Jeju. Such natural ingredients include green tea, orchid, bija, hallabong, seaweed, pomegranate, and volcanic cluster. From its best-selling Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask 2X for oily skin to its Green Tea Seed Moisturiser for dry skin, Innisfree provides a wide range of skincare products with high-quality ingredients to target your specific skin concerns without draining out your bank account! Innisfree’s skincare products currently tackle eight skin concerns, including anti-aging, acne-prone, and dehydration. For glowing skin, you might not want to miss out on trying the Jeju Pomegranate Revitalising Serum which hydrates your skin and gives it a double-glow effect. 

Innisfree also provides makeup products that are as organic and eco-friendly as its skincare line. Other than SPF which is essential for sun protection, the Innisfree Cushion Foundation uses a formula that includes Jeju Green Tea extract to hydrate your skin and gives you a naturally smooth and flawless look throughout the day. Another thing to love about this particular product is that there are over 100 compact case designs for you to choose from to personalize your cushion compact to your own liking. We get why the brand has become a favorite among K-Beauty fans.



Etude Korea Website

We really can’t think of what’s not to love about affordable, high-quality, and adorably packaged beauty products! Etude is a famous Korean beauty brand with adorable, bright pink stores available all over Asia. Besides its playful and pretty packaging, the products are loved by many as they are reasonably priced and are of high quality. There is nothing way too expensive and its skincare line is good for beginners as most of its products are suitable for every skin type. Some of its collections that are worth trying include it’s popular ‘Soon Jung’ skincare line as well as the ‘Vita C Talk’ and ‘Real Propolis’ collections which are highly valued by K-Beauty fans.

Etude not only offers skincare products but also various other products for nails, hair, and body care, as well as cosmetics to enhance your daily beauty routine. This beauty brand’s recent collaboration with ‘Hershey’s Kisses’ for its makeup line has gained the attention of many customers for the aesthetic and the quality of the products.



Missha Global Website

Let’s be honest. While some beauty products do give us luxuries at affordable prices, some products don’t. Therefore, many would spend a fortune when it comes to beauty products because it is always better to choose quality over quantity. However, you don’t necessarily have to spend a lot of money on good skincare because Missha strikes the perfect balance between cost and quality.

Initially, Missha’s products could only be purchased online but the beauty brand finally opened its first offline store after receiving innumerable positive reviews on its products. Today, Missha has over 500 stores all around the world! What makes the brand special is that it uses various rare ingredients such as Reishi mushroom, deep mineralized seawater and Rehmannia to create excellent beauty products which have been recognized by various beauty awards. One of the crowd-favorites that is worth mentioning is the Time Revolution Artemisia Treatment Essence which is suitable for all skin types, especially sensitive skin, and has been proven to create moisturized, translucent skin.

Another one of its crowd-favorite, namely the Glow Skin Balm from its ‘Glow Me’ skincare line is perfect for those who aspire to achieve a “glowing skin like the surface of a boiled egg”, as stated by the brand itself. We must say that we are pretty convinced.



Mamonde Official Website

For fans of floral scents and ingredients, Mamonde might just be your cup of tea. Established in 1991, Mamonde is a leading K-Beauty brand that studies flowers intending to convey the vitality and flowering energy of flowers in its products. Some of its best-sellers include its Rose Water Toner which provides soothing hydration and Red Energy Recovery Serum for smooth and radiant skin.

Did you know that double cleansing is a skincare ritual that almost every Korean celebrity swears by? If you are planning to make your favorite K-pop idol’s skincare routine as the blueprint of your own, then double cleansing, which requires you to wash your face with an oil-based cleanser followed by a water-based cleanser, is an essential step that must not be forgotten. Sounds like a hassle? Fret not! Mamonde’s Petal Spa Oil to Foam cleanser allows you to save time and all the hassle by giving you a double cleanse in one product.

Mamonde products are available in many online and offline stores all over the world including ARITAUM, and the official Amore Pacific online store in Korea.



COSRX Korea Website

If you are a fan of the co-ed group, KARD, you might have already known by now that COSRX is one of Somin’s go-to skincare brands. As for those who are new or not into K-Beauty, this brand might have been one of the few K-Beauty brands that you have heard of. COSRX has earned itself a reputation for its affordable, high quality, and effective products. It is truly evident why many skincare lovers are obsessed with this brand. Its cruelty-free skincare line uses minimal ingredients for maximum function and offers a skincare routine to cater to all skin concerns for all skin types.

However, COSRX is best-known for its range of products specifically targeted at oily and acne-prone skin so for those who constantly fall victim to pimples and oil secretions, this is a sign that you should not worry and there is still hope for you to get that glow! Among its top-selling products are its acne patches, the COSRX Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser, Two in One Poreless Power Liquid, and its Advanced Snail Mucin Power Essence which have become the holy grail of many K-Beauty fans.

With all the 5-star-reviews from customers all over the world, we believe that COSRX might be the key to unlocking your ethereal beauty.


Korean Skincare Shopping Made Easy With Delivered Korea!

There are undoubtedly many more K-Beauty brands for you to discover but these are the top 5 K-beauty brands that we think deserve a spot in your daily skincare routine to achieve your K-pop idol skin goals at an accessible cost. As you continue your adventure in the K-Beauty world, you might find yourself in trouble when some Korean online stores only ship within Korea and do not accept international payments (what a bummer!). But there is no need to worry as DELIVERED KOREA is always ready to help with package forwarding and international shipping services. Need a personal shopper for your Korean products? Save all your stress because DELIVERED KOREA will be ready to shop for you and deliver your items right at your doorsteps anywhere in the world! In this era of online shopping, all of your K-shopping experiences will be much easier and more convenient with the help of DELIVERED KOREA.

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