Timeless 2PM Merch to Own

2PM is a six-member South Korean boy band that debuted under JYP Entertainment in September 2008. 2PM is one of the subgroups which was divided from the 10-member boy band, One Day. Currently, the group consists of Jun.K, Nichkhun, Taecyeon, Wooyoung, Junho, and Chansung. After going on a hiatus for a few years to complete their military duties, 2PM proved that they are still thriving with their full comeback in July 2021, which has also attracted a whole new generation. Undeniably, the group is known for its mature concepts, but its music always appeals to people of all ages. Thus, even after 13 years since their debut, they are still one of the HOTTEST K-pop acts today.

Over the years, 2PM has released a lot of merchandise for their fans, known as the HOTTEST. Whether you’re only starting to be a part of the HOTTEST fandom or that you’ve been here since 2008, here are some of 2PM‘s timeless merchandise that you can make use of at any time.


1. 2PM Official Light Stick and Accessories

As of now, the group has released two official Korean edition light sticks. The first light stick was released in 2016 with a black and gold design that resembles a fire torch. It comes with a velvet pouch and can be used in three modes: on, blink, and flicker mode. Subsequently, during their final ‘6nights‘ concert in 2017, they introduced a new version of a light stick which is still available for purchase today. It has a white handle with a transparent hexagon head which shows the group name inside it.

This version of 2PM‘s light stick provides more features that were not in the first version, such as the wireless LED control and control by application. Besides the light stick, the package also comes with a strap and a cradle. This is because besides using it as a light stick, you can also turn it into a home mood light! With its beautiful design, it can make a nice desk lamp instead of collecting dust with your other light sticks on the shelf. In addition to that, the second version of the 2PM‘s light stick can also be customized! The 2PM logo inside the hexagon head can be replaced with a name sheet of your favorite member, which you can purchase separately in a set of 6 sheets for all members.


2. 2PM MUST Official Merch Collection

To commemorate their latest comeback ‘MUST‘, the group released a merch collection which includes a Special Poster Set, Air Pods 1&2 Case, Air Pods Pro Case, Eco Bag, Galaxy Buds Case, Mini Pouch, Paper Frame & Photo Set, Photobook, and a Photocard Binder.

Air pods or Galaxy Buds users can purchase the ‘MUST‘ case, which is minimally designed but give off a classy look. Want to show off your huge love for 2PM but also want to make it simple and not too obvious? The ‘MUST Eco Bag might be perfect for that besides being a good match for all your outfits.

The Photobook and Paper Frame & Photo Set might be the items that even the most demanding collector would appreciate. The photobook contains 32 pages of the members’ photos, whereas the photo set provides a paper frame and 13 photos for you to display. Furthermore, avid 2PM photocard collectors can also store their valuable photocards in the sleek Photocard Binder, which has a transparent pocket on the cover where you can display your most favorite photocard.

What makes it more exciting for many collectors is that every purchase of the items in this collection comes with a random photo card as a pre-order benefit! Therefore, we don’t see why getting any of these items wouldn’t be worth the money. In fact, they might as well be a good investment.


3. ZooPM Collectibles

ZooPM is the animated characters of 2PM whereby each of the characters matches up with the members. Jun.K‘s character is ‘Pan.K‘, Nichkhun‘s is ‘Koala-Khun‘, Taecyeon‘s is the well-known ‘Okcat‘, Wooyoung‘s character is ‘Piyong‘, Junho‘s is ‘King Pengpeng‘, and Chansung‘s character is ‘Chanana‘. Their adorable appearances have won the hearts of many HOTTESTs that the characters’ merch is as popular as 2PM‘s merch. Fans can purchase ZooPM‘s items such as the characters’ plushies, cushions, stationeries, keyrings, bag charms, and other accessories from SoundwaveWithdrama, as well as JYP Entertainment’s Official Japan Pop-Up Store.


4. Home Decorations

Those who are not a fan of collecting photobooks and photocards but still want to own something 2PM-related can check out their homewares! 2PM has released several pleasing homewares that will add more sense of coziness and class to your space. The 2PM Polyester mat in white and beige, as well as their Bath Towel can make your bathroom feel more decorative, whereas their cream-colored cushion can be a nice addition to your bed or sofa. You can also spice up your dining table spread with their pretty placemat as well as the porcelain plate and mug.

Add more style with their stylish record coasters, which feature the covers of their iconic Japan releases such as ‘Republic of 2PM‘, ‘Legend of 2PM‘, and ‘Genesis of 2PM‘. Still can’t get enough of their homewares? Add more hints of 2PM into your homewares with their hand towels that are inspired by their Japanese hits, ‘Beautiful‘, ‘Take Off‘, and ‘Guilty Love‘!


There is a plethora of 2PM‘s merchandise which every HOTTEST can purchase from online stores such as Soundwave, Aladin, Cokodive, and Withdrama. Their official Japan goods can also be purchased from JYP Entertainment’s Official Japan Pop-Up Store. Other than that, you can also purchase 2PM-inspired merch from sites such as Etsy. If you are looking for their older releases that are no longer available in stores, save all your worries as there is still a high possibility that you can get your hands on them from trusted resellers on sites such as Mercari.

However, bear in mind that the shipping prices can be ridiculously high! Thus, Delivered Korea aims to assist you in this matter by providing cheaper delivery fees and make your merch shopping experience more convenient with our services. With Delivered Korea, all your items can be shipped safely and right to you at a more reasonable price.

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