Top 10 Best Korean Fashion Online Stores in 2021

Let’s be real here, Koreans do know their fashion – from the flashy and glam stage and MV outfits that K-pop idols are rocking in their performances, to their unmatched airport fashion and casual fits, there are more than enough resources for us to take some inspiration and spice up our wardrobes and style. We’re not only talking about K-idols and K-drama fashion here, have you seen those TikTok fashion videos of people on the streets of Korea or any of their influencers’ Instagram pages? Stunning is an understatement.

The best part about Korean fashion is that it’s most affordable, great quality and extremely diverse – girly and sophisticated, edgy and fierce, streetwear, office wear, party attire… the options are endless and there’s something for everyone. 

It’s easy to get lost in that vast sea of different fashion choices, but worry not! We’ve prepared a list of top Korean fashion online stores to help you navigate through those K-fashion waters, and be safe when shopping online – we’ve all been hurt by those “expectations vs reality” buys before… not fun.

*At the end of the list, you can find out how to use our services to shop from your favorite stores based in Korea, even if they don’t ship to your country!


Top 10 Best Korean Fashion Online Stores


Interestingly, W Concept started as a place for independent Korean designers to showcase their work but is now also a multi-brand store that includes over 1,000 Korean, Chinese and US brands. They hold seasonal events and do exclusive collaborations with some of the best Korean designers. If you’re into that unique no-one-else-has-it style, W Concept is a place to go. That being said, they offer classic K-fashion we all know and love as well, and their attire, accessories, shoes, bags, and beauty selection for both women and men is for sure going to make you look chic!




If you follow the Korean social media scene, you might’ve seen people using those online shopping apps that allow them to browse through thousands of different shopping malls and stores, all summed up in one virtual space – well Zigzag is just that. It’s the number 1 women’s shopping mall app in Korea. Zigzag ranks over 4,000 women’s shopping malls and brands, divide them into categories, and makes shopping easier for you – you can buy any item, from any store, through their app alone. It’s quite a unique experience and a great place to start your K-fashion journey.



Brandi also has its online shopping app and is one of the leading fashion eCommerce startups in Korea. Brandi is doing a very interesting thing – they are using an AI prediction model to make predictions (shocker) on which items will be in high demand, they pre-order thousands of products daily and thus have the ability to offer their famous “one-day delivery” option to their South Korean customers. Their website is full of the trendiest K-fashion pieces – cool sweats and oversized Ts, lovely blouses and dresses… you name it!



Kooding has one of the most pleasant websites – both to look and to shop at. It markets itself as the “one-stop Korean fashion destination”, and they are living up to those words. The clothes they’re listing are the pure embodiment of the “Korean fashion” trend. If you have something in mind you’ll probably find it there, at an affordable price. Kooding’s selection is full of fashionable options for men, women, teens, and kids.



This one is a bit more pricey, compared to the other stores on the list, but the quality lives up to the cost of the items. Stylenanda has that contemporary, playful but chic clothing, perfect for all of the fashionistas out there. Their outwear and accessories are superb, and they also have some pretty cute graphic Tees, shoes and have perfected the “coffee-shop chic” look. Their Disney & 3CE collaboration is currently at 50% off!



One of the most popular fashion sites in Korea that carries anything from famous Korean and overseas brands to minor street fashion brands (all branded clothes are guaranteed to be 100% genuine). They also have their own brand, MUSINSA STANDARD, best known for its classic and timeless vibe. Their wide selection of styles makes it a great choice for anyone interested in exploring K-fashion.



Chuu is the brand best known for their viral “-5kg Jeans”, but their store also holds a variety of other brands such as Dali inn and strawberry milk. If you are a fan of the Korean girly aesthetic and the cutesy “lovely” style, you really can’t go wrong with Chuu’s online store. Their prices are moderately affordable, clothes are often on sale, they follow the most popular trends and you also get $5 off of your first order. Chuu recently did a collaboration with Barbie, and we can’t praise it enough!



Codibook aspires to be your own personal K-fashion stylist – their website is full of really cute premade outfits put together by leading Korean style pioneers, making it a great choice for both the ones looking for some new and fresh fit ideas and for those who don’t know where to start when putting together an outfit. The store carries quite a few different types of attire that are classy and trendy, and the personal stylist feature makes it stand out from the rest.



Most of the online stores we’ve listed offer stylish choices for every gender, but here’s a recommendation for a store that specializes in men’s wear, if that’s what you prefer. JogunShop carries an extensive range of clothing that is sure to make anyone feel like a handsome K-drama lead – from the casual shirts and pants to techwear and suits, they have it all!



For all of those local Korean store lovers, 29cm is the online K-fashion store for you. They offer a broad selection of clothing from over 2000 local brands, with year-round discounts for you to save your buck. It’s one of the biggest and most trusted online retailers that will provide you with fashionable and high-quality pieces!


What if a store doesn’t ship to my country or you want to combine your orders into one package?

If you’ve browsed through some K-fashion stores based in Korea before, you’ve probably been incredibly disappointed when you found out that most of them:

  1. Should sign in with Korean address 
  2. Can’t use international credits or international payment
  3. Don’t ship to smaller countries
  4. Ship worldwide with very high shipping rates
  5. Offer deals and sales to buyers from South Korea only 
  6. Cannot combine orders from multiple stores

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